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More CORE - Engage your core

Engaging your core is essential for maximizing your potential. Join our brand new More CORE program starts in May to maximize your baseball/softball player's potential on the field. It's very hard to make mechanical changes during a season. Engaging the core is the one thing that will allow your athlete to be connected!


Starts - May 8th          Ends - June 29th   
Classes meet Mondays and Thursdays, off for Memorial Day (May 29th)
Available times - 6:00   6:30   7:00   7:30
Length of each class is 30 minutes
All classes will take place at Locked In Baseball facility
Price per player - $275
Class size is 4-6 players
Baseball and Softball players are encouraged to attend
Locked In Baseball reserves the right to cancel a class if the minimum number of participants (4) is not met.

The core is the one part of the body that links the lower half with the arms. Without core engagement, the lower half and arms work independent of each other. Engage the core for more power and body control. Learn how by signing your baseball/softball player up for Locked In Baseball's new More CORE program today!! Register by clicking onto the link below:



TIMEchanics - Premier Pitching Program

There are 3 main objectives to pitching:

            1 – Velocity

            2 – Body Control/Repeat ability

            3 – Strikes


Locked In Baseball research of all three of these objectives has shown that Velocity is the easiest to accomplish and that throwing Strikes is the most difficult. With this said, Strikes is the only one taught from the Little League level on up to the High School level. Let’s allow the pitchers to throw as hard as they can under control with the result being that Strikes will come.


Don’t wait until the bad habits start back up in the middle of the Spring season. Come find out what you do, when you do it, and what adjustments you should make to get back into sync.


We guarantee that you’ll get every piece of advice you’ll need to improve your velocity, control, and the ability to repeat your delivery.


We intend to prove to you how throwing the baseball as hard as you can under control will give you the ability to accomplish all 3 objectives.


Don’t miss out!! Call now to schedule individual sessions.


Hitting, Pitching, and Fielding Lessons

Come experience a great baseball atmosphere.  We pride ourselves in our ability to make mechanical changes in a player's swing or throw.  That takes time, so don't delay.  Make your reservations now and experience the "Locked In" way.

Welcome to Locked In Baseball


With our experience as instructors over the past 10 years, we have come to realize that players learn through different techniques.  Some players learn by the act of doing, while others learn by watching video of themselves, analyzing what they are doing right and wrong, and making the necessary adjustments.  We are able to show each player their mechanical flaws and have found a higher success rate of players understanding and fixing their problems.  Once the player sees what they are doing, we are then able to physically put them into the proper position, leading to their continuing development.

Locked In Baseball has a staff like no other.  Come and experience the difference we can make in your player's development. 

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