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New programs starting soon!!

- TIMEchanics, a Premier Pitching Program. Increase velocity while maintaining command!!

Learn aggressive actions, create a more aggressive intention, and build body and arm awareness. Starting in December

- Catching class session II starts the week after Thanksgiving. Decrease your POP time with proper foot work and increase your arm speed with velocity program

- LIB Explode - strength and conditioning program ran twice a week. Starting in December.


**If interested, please visit our scheduling website, by clicking the icon below**


Winter Programs

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Catching class Session II

LIB Explode

Hitting, Pitching, and Fielding Lessons

Come experience a great baseball atmosphere.  We pride ourselves in our ability to make mechanical changes in a player's swing or throw.  That takes time, so don't delay.  Make your reservations now and experience the "Locked In" way.

Welcome to Locked In Baseball


With our experience as instructors over the past 10 years, we have come to realize that players learn through different techniques.  Some players learn by the act of doing, while others learn by watching video of themselves, analyzing what they are doing right and wrong, and making the necessary adjustments.  We are able to show each player their mechanical flaws and have found a higher success rate of players understanding and fixing their problems.  Once the player sees what they are doing, we are then able to physically put them into the proper position, leading to their continuing development.

Locked In Baseball has a staff like no other.  Come and experience the difference we can make in your player's development. 

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Upcoming Events

Chris Bagley will start a group catching class October 25th. Call the facility for details. Registration will open soon.

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